Tsukiji market, one of the largest food market in Tokyo, has two topics nowadays.

One is a matter of relocation. The relocation to Toyosu area had already decided before holding the Olympic and the Paralympic games in 2020, however, it was found that the re-located Toyosu has been contaminated in the groundwater, and the hazardous substances were evaluated to be over the water quality standards. As the result of this, holding transfer and monitoring of groundwater quality was started again. Based on this result, Tokyo governor Yuriko Koike judged move into Toyosu but nothing to decide on details.

Second, the Tsukiji market is like a tourist destination. I was surprised at the fact that it is so numerous visitors here.

Here not only Japanese tourists but also foreign visitors are. What are their main objectives? Of course, fresh and delicious fishes and seafoods can be eaten at more affordable price than eating at a restaurant in Tokyo. However, tourists from different countries do not have habits to eat a raw fish like sashimi or sushi are likely to visit here as well. They would like to observe the tuna auction in the early morning? Anyway, I was very interesting. And I wondered why.

Access: 3 minutes on foot from Tsukiji-Shijo Station, Oedo subway Line Exit A1, and at Tsukiji Station exit 1&2 Hibiya subway Line. Within walking distance (about 10 minutes) from Higashi-Ginza Station It is possible to walk to Ginza after visiting the Tsukiji market and shopping.

In the Tsukiji market, visitors can enter the market other than the no-entry area. The market is so spacious that it is careful not to get lost. Vehicles such as an electric cart carrying goods are running frequently. Be careful not to hit the cart because the electric carts have a priority in the market. Also be careful not to slip as the floor is wet.

Many shops in the market open early in the morning. Not to mention the diet of people working in the market, but also for visitors. When I went there before at noon, the popular restaurants were queued. Close time is earlier, according to the person working in the market. In addition to sushi and sashimi, there are also a curry shop, bars and bakery. Not only food, there were stores selling cooking utensils such as seaweed, tea, kitchen knife and like.

Next to the market there is another market for general shoppers called the out-site market. Since it is open until the evening here, if you visit in the afternoon or having dinner, you can go there. Sushi and bowled rice topped with seafood are the most popular. I ate seafood bowled rice for lunch, which was fresh and of course delicious. There was a shrine near the market.

It is information about a tour of the tuna auction observation area in the early morning. I have never seen it, but it is very popular.

You cannot make advance reservations, go to the market at 5:00 am and visit the first 120 people.

The tour is held twice starting at 5: 50 for 60 people, and at 6: 05 for 60 people. It is necessary to check on the homepage beforehand.

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