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Kawaguchiko Lakeside sightseeing spots

Nature Restaurants Sightseeing spots

Lake Kawaguchiko on one day trip  Part2 Accommodations such as hotels with a hot spring, pensions, restaurants, cafes, museums, souvenir shops are dotted with Kawaguchiko lakeside so you check out where you want to go and get a map at the tourist information office in front of Kawaguchiko station. It would be nice to rent・・・

Lake Kawaguchiko in Yamanashi

Nature Sightseeing spots

Lake Kawaguchiko  on one day trip Itinerary  Itchiku Kubota art museum -> Konohana art museum -> Yagisaki lavender park -> Harb museum -> Kawaguchiko Station   In this time, I went to Lake Kawaguchiko. My main purpose was a visit to ITCHIKU KUBOTA Art Museum. (I will update about the museum on my blog an・・・

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