Today, I’m talking about Haneda CHRONOGATE I visited a couple of weeks ago.

Haneda CHRONOGATE is a new logistics facility with a variety of additional value functions of the Yamato Group Holdings. The Yamato group offers a visitor tour of this facility for free of charge. The logistics facility of the famous Japanese company with State-of-the-art technology is quite interesting.

Haneda CHRONOGATE is located in Haneda, Ota district, Tokyo. As it is able to use all transportation modes not only the internationalized Haneda Airport, but also transportation in land and sea, it is established in 2013.

Yamato Group Holdings

Access: 5 minutes on foot from Anamori-inari Station, on Keikyu airport Line, it is 3 minutes from Haneda airport International terminal Station by train. And 10 minutes on foot from Tenku-Bashi Station on Tokyo monorail.

It is very close from Haneda airport. So, I think that it is very convenient to stop by here.

Regarding to the booking, you can book on the website of Yamato Group company. (Here is the website of Yamato).

Choose date & time and enter your name, number of people, and e-mail address. Since the notification of the tentative reservation is sent to the mail address, the reservation is completed by clicking the reservation button from that mail. Tour attendant is in Japanese but audio guidance is available in English and Chinese.

On that day, check at the reception10 minutes before the tour start. The tour I participated started at three o’clock but I arrived at half past two, so I was walking around the reception building and found a big black cat, wow!! And there is also a Yamato company’s track that seems to be found frequently in town.  This black cat is well known as a character of this company, the character of Yamato. This black cat is drawn on both tracks and packing boxes.

Following an attendant, she explained the company’s business and history and visitors watched a video After that, we moved to a real operation room and observed actual cargo sorting work, which was very interesting. Numerous shipping boxes are conveyed with high speed and distribute to each category spaces automatically. This Haneda CHRONOGATE has also a role of a central site that concentrates cargo from the Kanto area, and a belt conveyor  sorts cargo quickly by automation about 48,000 pieces of baggage per hour.

After that, we observed the central control room and the exhibition room. This tour took about 90 minutes. Finally, we can have a small gift (mainly stationery).

Today, as a mail order system becomes commonality, Takkyubin or home delivery service is an indispensable service for our lives. I learned about 1.8 billion pieces of cargo handled by this company in a year. I often do shopping using Amazon, but in the future mail order will become increasingly important for local cities and elderly living alone. This time it was a chance to understand this courier mechanism well for me.