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Quiet and beautiful city Matsue in Shimane Prefecture.

Sightseeing spots

Here is the previous blog “Mizuki Shigeru Road and Adachi Museum of Art.” The fifth day of the trip is Matsue sightseeing. Matsue is the prefectural capital of Shimane prefecture. But it is a quiet and beautiful city. In Japan, the depopulation of rural areas has recently progressed, and the declining population has become a・・・

Shimane trip and World Heritage Iwami Ginzan

Nature Sightseeing spots

I’m writing about my solo trip to Shimane Prefecture a few years ago. The travel schedule at that time is …. Shinjuku, Tokyo by highway bus –>Iwami Ginzan–> Izumo Taisha –> Tottori “Mizuki Shigeru Road”,–> Adachi Museum of Art –> Matsue sightseeing –> Tokyo (by highway bus) “Highway express night bus” Departing from Tokyo by a・・・

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