If you are going to sightsee in Tokyo, it might be better to purchase a train pass. Because the roads in Tokyo are crowded, rent-a-car is unsuitable. Also, I think that driving is more difficult for tourists who are not used to driving in Tokyo. Trains including the subway have many lines so it would be convenient to go anywhere. Especially the subway is complicated, but it is convenient so please try it.

Below is the main pass or ticket. Please refer it.

The posted information is as of 2017 October. Since it may be changed without notice, please confirm with the website of each company, or contact them.


Transportation system Ic card, Pasmo and Suica.

Transportation system IC CARD is convenient. Since it is mutually used nationwide, we can use it for the main railways and buses. There are Suica (JR) and PASMO (subway) cards, but both can be used in common.

How to use:  IC card is charged in advance by ticket machines at a station, or at convenience stores. (1000, 2000, 3000, 5000yen) You touch the card on a ticket gate. It is a mechanism to automatically reduce the fare from IC card. Ticket gates will close automatically when the card shortage. It can be used not only in the metropolitan area but also in all available railway companies in the country.


Tokyo combination ticket

A ticket allowing unlimited rides on

Tokyo Metro, toei subway, toei streetcar(toden), toei bus, all sections of Nippori-toneri liner as well as all JR lines within the Tokyo metropolitan area for one day stated on the ticket.  Adult \ 1590, Child \ 800

You can purchase tickets on ticket machines at the JR station, Tokyo Metro, Toei Subway Station etc.


Common one-day ticket for Tokyo Metro & Toei Subway.

A ticket valid for one day of unlimited rides on all Tokyo Metro and toei subway lines. The tickets on the same-day are sold at ticket machines at each station. Advance ticket offers ticket office at each station. Adult \ 900, Child \ 450

Tokyo Metro 24-hour ticket

A ticket allows unlimited rides on Tokyo Metro for 24-hours from the  first ride. The ticket can be purchased in advance or on the day.

Adult \ 600, Child \ 300

JR Tokyo Metropolitan district Pass

Unlimited travel within the Tokyo Metropolitan district area.

Adult \ 750, Child \ 370

Toei bus one-day ticket

Unlimited rides within all Tokyo Metropolitan district.

Adult \ 500, Child \ 250

Special deal ticket for travel from Haneda Airport (by Keikyu railways)

1, Welcome Tokyo Subway Ticket

One-way or round trip ticket between Haneda Airport International terminal Station and Sengakuji Station, and subway (Tokyo Metro & Toei subway)24, 48 and 72 hours unlimited ticket.

One-way (Keikyu line) 1200yen(24-hours), 1600yen(48-hours), 1900yen(72-hours)

Round trip (Keikyu line) 1500yen(24-hours), 1900yen(48-hours), 2200yen(72-hours)

2, Tokyo travel 1day/2day Pass

Haneda Airport Domestic/International Terminal Station to Sengakuji Station One-way ticket, and Toei subway 1 or 2-day unlimited ticket. 800yen(1day), 1200yen(2days)


3, Keikyu Haneda/Subway Common Pass

Haneda Airport Domestic/International Terminal Station to Sengakuji Station One-way ticket, and all subway lines (Tokyo Metro & Toei subway) one-day unlimited ticket. Adult 1310yen, Child 660yen

The tickets are sold at Keikyu Tourist Information Center and Haneda Airport Domestic/International Terminal Station ticket machines.


Odakyu Electric Railway Hakone Free Pass

A round-trip ticket from each station on the Odakyu line to Odawara station, unlimited rides on Hakone Tozan Train, Bus, Ropeway, Cable Car, Hakone Tourist Boat, Odakyu Hakone Express Bus, Tokai Bus Orange Shuttle for one-day/2days/3days. The tickets are available at each Odakyu Station including Shinjuku Station.

Adults \ 5140 from Shinjuku station, Child \ 1500(valid 2-day)

I hope you enjoy in Japan!