Since I went to Shinjuku for a meeting, I stopped by Korea Town in Shin-Okubo.

In Japan, there are ethnic towns such as China, Vietnam, India and like. Shin-Okubo Korea Town is the largest Korean town along with Tsuruhashi in Osaka.

Shin Okubo is the first station from Shinjuku station on the Yamanote line. There are many Korean style shops along with the main street.

One of the attraction in Korea town is Korean singers called K – POP. South Korean singers are very popular among young people centered on teens in Japan. Especially boys & girls groups are popular and their concerts are held in some cities in Japan.

In the Korea town, there are several shops sold K-POP CDs and their photos. Some Korean young people who are eager to become a singer work some cafés or bars in Korea town. And Korean TV dramas are still popular in Japan and their funs flock the shops to buy DVDs, photos.

Korean drama “Winter Sonata” which became a big boom in Japan in 2003. The drama led popularity of other Korean dramas. The popularity is bigger, Korea Town is more flourished.


As a result, the number of Korean cuisine restaurants has also increased. Korean food is popular mainly for young generation women. I love too. (I’m not a young…) Today, we can buy Kimchi or Korean spicy pickles anywhere in Japan’s supermarket, but I think the kimchi selling in Korea Town is particularly tasty.

As the restaurant is also operated by Korean people, we can find great restaurants there, which is able to reproduce original authentic taste.

Recently cheese dak galbi or spicy stir-fried chicken with cheese becomes popular. But I have not eaten yet. I’d like to try.

Another fun of Korea Town is a cosmetic shop, especially for women.

Korea is one of the beauty industrialized countries. There are many inexpensive and effective cosmetics. Several popular brand shops in Korea are opened in Korea Town. It is fun to check cosmetics at the stores.

It takes two and a half hours between Tokyo and Seoul by an airplane, so I go to Seoul about once a year. But when I am too busy and don’t have a chance to go there, I can’t help but go to Shin Okubo to enjoy meals and shopping.