A restaurant called Family Restaurant is often found in Japan, especially in the suburbs. Some companies have a business for this field, and GAST, Skylark, Yume-an are famous brand in the metropolitan area. If we go to the local district, we can find more family restaurant’s brand name.


The style concept of family restaurant varies from Japanese, Italian to Western cuisine by each company. However, the characteristic of family restaurant is that you can enjoy various kinds of food with, moreover, affordable price. Opening everyday from early morning to late night without close time all year round. It’s a convenience restaurant.

When I was young (1970 ‘s), my family sometimes went out a family restaurant to have lunch or dinner at weekend. Around that time, brand new family restaurant had rushed to open. More than anything, the restaurant offers wide variety of dishes which children likes such as Curry and rice, hamburgers, udon and sweets, so the restaurant is popular for a family gathered from kids to grandparents.

At the entrance the staff is asked how many people to use and they are guided to the seats. The size of the menu is large, and most of the menu is displayed with photos and prices. So even if you do not understand Japanese you can easily order. Japanese food such as bowl can be eaten at an affordable price. However, most restaurants do not offer sushi. If you want to eat sushi, you should go to sushi restaurant. Only beer offers in alcohols. Family restaurants are often located in the suburbs, not often near the station.

For me, growing to an adult, few opportunities to use it. However, recently I have been using a family restaurant for PC work.

In the day time we can eat meals from around 500 yen for lunch. Moreover, there is a system called “drink bar”, and you can drink as much caps as you like around 200 yen. There are lots of soft drinks such as coffee, tea, juice, from warm to cold which make by myself. It might not be kicked out if we stay there for a long time, so it is very convenient. Incidentally, lunch time is all you can drink soup.

However, lunch time on weekdays is sometimes crowded without expectation. A family restaurant can be used by nearby housewives and office workers on weekdays. Especially it seems to be optimal as a place to chat with group housewives.

The taste is normal, but with an affordable price, breakfast, lunch, and dinner time are always open so if you have a chance, why not try it out?