SHIN YOKOHAMA RAMEN MUSEUM is one of popular sightseeing spots for foreginers nowadays, according to media. Actually I am crazy about Ramen, too.

Many Japanese eat ramen on a daily basis. When I was a child, at home, my family once ate ramen made by my mother at home on weekend lunch time. Even now, if we go to a supermarket, many kinds of instant noodles are on sale. I think these are quite delicious.

Recent instant noodles are in production with a high-technic process. Since it is around 100 yen, I recommend to buy them for foreigners as a souvenir in particular.

Some Ramen shops have attractive originality, and popular shops are now spread widely in TWITTER and SNS and taken up on TV as a store where many people queue up. That’s why we have to visit popular shops at a long waiting time.

Shin – Yokohama Ramen Museum consists of several ramen shops in one building and popular shops nationwide are constantly serve ramen. Moreover, the shops in the museum are said to be delicious and they are famous in local. It is very happy for those who living in Kanto region that enjoy ramen in Yokohama because there is no need to board an airplane to Hokkaido to eat ramen.

This museum requires entrance fee. There are ramen shops on the basement 1st and 2nd floor.  The whole floor forms a virtual town. It is the scenery of the Showa era (around 1940-1960) in Japan and very unique.

First of all I ate tonkotsu ramen at Komarasaki ramen shop. Served with tonkotsu soup, it is crisp and garlic taste, it was my favorite type. This shop “Komurasaki” homes to Kumamoto in the Kyushu region. Tonkotsu soup is mainstream in Kyushu ramen.

And then I ate next one in YUJI RAMEN which is just opened. This shop’s signature dish is “tuna-kotsu” , seafood soup with tuna and it was a very rare taste. The owner opens ramen shops in the USA.

For every shop, in addition to the standard size, half size bowl of ramen is also prepared so that you can eat and eat. But for me, even half size, I had the limit to eat 2 bowls. In fact, I really wanted to eat other kinds of ramen. I will come again soon.

This museum has not only ramen shops but also a tavern, café, souvenir shop and you can enjoy them. When going to the weekend, we may have to wait 10 to 30 minutes for every shop, depending on the time.