The gateway of Japan, Haneda Airport, is operating 24 hours.

It is very convenient however, for the user there are  few choice for transportation in early morning and at mid-night.  In early morning and at mid-night, actually it would be hard to leave the airport or go there without taxi or cars.

Hotels here are in the airport terminals and near the airport.

The below three hotels are located in the airport terminals. It will be convenient when you are in trouble of movement, such as airplane delay. But be careful with your move among the terminals. You are not able to walk among the terminals on foot and need to take a train or bus. There is also free shuttle bus however, it is no operated in early morning and at late night time zones.

Hotels in the airport terminals

First Cabin Haneda (Domestic Terminal 1)

This hotel is located directly connected to Terminal 1. It is a compact hotel which imaged first class of airplane. It is similar to Japanese capsule hotel, but it is more comfortable with lower price. Amenities such as towels are equipped. Humidifiers and irons can be borrowed for free. Short stay is also possible and it can be used for nap. All rooms are equipped with wireless LAN (Wi-Fi).

Single from 5, 300 yen


Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu (Domestic Terminal 2)

This hotel is in the upper hierarchy in the terminal 2 building. Single, twin to family type rooms are available. Restaurant, bar, banquet room, meeting room.

You can view air planes stopping in terminal wings from many rooms. Some rooms have sheets that were used in the first class. All rooms are equipped with wireless LAN (Wi-Fi).

Guests can use the hotel’s free shuttle bus between the International Terminal only at late night and early morning.

In front of the hotel 3:50 —> Terminal1 3:55 —> International Terminal 4:00

4:20 —>                   4:25 —>                                              4:30


International Terminal0:40 —> Terminal2 0:50 —> Terminal1(Hotel) 0:55

(*Leaving at bus stop No.7)

Please use a free bus between terminals other than the above time.

Single use from 16,900yen


Royal Park Hotel The Haneda (International Terminal)

Hotel entrance is on the 3rd floor departures lobby in the international terninal.  The 2nd floor to 8th floor is the guest room floor. There is also a refreshment room with a short break stay.  Single use from 16, 200 yen


Royal Park Hotel The Haneda Transit offers short stay rooms for only transit passengers inside transit area. It is convenient for resting before boarding.

There is also a rest room with a shower without a bed.


Hotels near the airport


JAL City Haneda Tokyo

It is about 10 minutes by car from Haneda Airport. The hotel’s free shuttle bus is available. The service available 4am to Haneda airport from the hotel, and 4pm to 12am (late night) to the hotel from the airport. 3 minutes on foot from Anamoriinari Station on Keikyu line.

Single room, Double room, Twin room from 8, 900yen


Hotel My Stays

10 minutes by car from Haneda Airport, 4 minutes on foot from Anamoriinari station on Keikyu line. Free hotel – airport shuttle bus is Available. Single room from 8, 333 yen


Toyoko Inn IN Haneda Airport 1, 2

10 minutes by car from Haneda Airport one minute on foot from Otorii station on Keikyu line. Shuttle bus service is available. Single room, Double room, Twin room from 8, 100 yen


Haneda INN

Free Breakfast provided from 3:50 in the morning.

Single room from 3.450yen. It is10 minutes by car from Haneda airport, 3 minutes on foot from Otorii Station on Keikyu line.