Hi, I’m Kyoko.

Watching what was being introduced on TV the other day, I went to Art Aquarium in Nihon-bashi, Tokyo.

It was very wonderful and exciting.

Hidetomo Kimura, who is a leading expert of aquarist in the world, blends art, design, entertainment and aquarium. He established a unique field of art aquarium from design of a water tank to water quality control, and hold an exhibition at museums. In 2015 his exhibition was held in Milan.

This year 2017, it is the tenth anniversary of his exhibition, so Art Aquarium will be held in Osaka, Tokyo and Kanazawa in this year.

I went to the exhibition, which is held in COREDO Muromachi, Tokyo.

The theme of this venue is “Edo, cool of goldfish”.

Goldfishes took root as a common culture in Nihonbashi area during the Edo period, and revives the culture that was cool by appreciating the goldfishes.

In addition, the concept of the venue is “Ryugu castle”, which is in sea water and comes from a Japanese old day’s story “Urashima Tarou”. It represents the Japanese taste world in water designed like the gift box by the story “Urashiama Tarou” Approximately 8000 fishes, mainly goldfish, can be fantastically appreciated.

It was very wonderful. I had never seen before this fantastic space. Merging Fishes, sounds, lighting make an art gloriously. Since the venue turns down lights, and various color LEDs glitter to each water tank with changing color.

The water tanks also have a unique shape, and how the fish looks changes depending on the angle. I focused on taking photos without time limit. This is good for instagrams.

I visited there on weekdays but it was very crowded.

“KOREDO Muromachi” where Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall held this art aquarium, has an event, which is  goods related to goldfishes on sale, and Bon Odori as a summer event. A stage of Bon Odori is set up in the space in COREDO, festival is held every night during the period for 80 days. It is derived from an anecdote that common people lasted bon dance for three months with high spirits in the Edo period. Also This event has benefits which is free one drink ticket to those who wearing a yukata and going to the art aquarium.

By the way, in this year, the Art Aquarium will be held in Kyoto.

Wednesday, October 25 – Monday, December 11 17: 00 – 22: 00 (last admission 21: 30)

Place: Kyoto Yuan Rikyu Nijo Castle (Ninomaru Goten Courtyard)

Adult 1,500yen, kid 1,000yen