When it comes to winter season every year, I often see an illumination display in Japanese towns and sightseeing spots. I can hardly see the summer season. Illuminations will make you imagine Christmas. Since there are four seasons in Japan, Illumination display will be held during the winter period centered on Christmas.

People go to that place with the aim of appreciating illumination. In Tokyo, you can see decorations and displays light up by commercial facilities and streets where many people gather.

In this season, I visited two places to enjoy illumination display. Both are in the suburbs, Kanto region and recently it has been widespread on SNS and both are popular.


Enoshima: Shonan’s jewelry project

Place: Enoshima island in Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture

Access: 20 minutes on foot from Kotase Enoshima Station on the Odakyu Line. Approximately 70 minutes by express train or Romance car from Shinjuku

Illumination time: 17 to 20 o’clock (Saturday and Sunday until 21 o’clock)

Period: late November to mid-February


The event of “Shonan’s Jewel” held at Enoshima is a large scale. It was certified as the three major illuminations of Kanto. This project is drawing attention from various aspects of the media. The beauty of the production of light integrated with nature is appreciated. In December, 20,000 winter tulips will flower.

Enoshima island
Enoshima Island

Leaving Katase Enoshima Station and then crossing the bridge in front of you, you can see the beach and Enoshima island. Walking the bridge to the island, Mt.Fuji can be seen beyond the sea from this bridge on a fine day.

The main Illuminations display is taking place at higher places of the island. As you go up the narrow streets lined with souvenir shops there is a shrine gate. Even if you walk from here, you can go. There is an escalator called Escar. It is convenient to use the escalator if you have difficulty to walk because you are going up the stairs quite long way to the top.

There are several shrines on the way. There are beautiful sunset points near the top. So please go to the top before the end of sunset completely. There are several photo points of sunset falling into the sea and Mt. Fuji. Also the view of the coastline looks very beautiful. Going up to the top you can see colorful lights placed on trees and garden.

There is a lighthouse called Sea Candle in the island. You can go up the lighthouse with using an elevator. The lighthouse is in the Samuel Cocking Garden. The illumination of this garden is very beautiful. When you go back, using only the stairs to the entrance of the island. It will take about 15 minutes.

Tokyo Germany Village

Location: Sodegaura, Chiba Prefecture

Access: About 20 minutes by taxi from JR Chiba Station from the express bus or JR Inba line Sodegaura station

Illumination time: from sunset until 20 o’clock (last entry is at 7:30)

Period: From November to the end of March every year


I visited here on a bus tour. German village is in which transportation is inconvenient. There is nothing particularly around this facility, so I recommend booking a bus tour.


The Mt. Fuji can be seen at sunset time from the park. Illuminations display will light up as the area gets darker and darker. This place is surrounded by mountains and agricultural fields, and it is dark because there are no private houses or shops around there. Therefore the Illumination display stands out.


German village is a large park. Illumination is set up in a part of the park. There is a Ferris wheel in the park, you can see the illumination from the sky by riding a ferris wheel. The ferris wheel is charged. When I saw the park from the top of the hill I found that the picture is drawn with light. This German village is certified as the 3 Kanto Illuminations.