I’m writing about my solo trip to Shimane Prefecture a few years ago.

The travel schedule at that time is ….

Shinjuku, Tokyo by highway bus –>Iwami Ginzan–> Izumo Taisha –> Tottori “Mizuki Shigeru Road”,–> Adachi Museum of Art –> Matsue sightseeing –> Tokyo (by highway bus)

“Highway express night bus”

Departing from Tokyo by a night express bus, I stayed at the site for 3 nights and back to Tokyo by a night bus. On the first day, I departed from Shinjuku by a night bus at 10 o’clock bound for Matsue & Izumo. Currently there is a big bus terminal called Shinjuku Basta at Shinjuku South exit. But I use to departed from the bus stop in Shinjuku station west entrance. Night express buses usually have three or four sequence seats. but for night buses I recommend booking an independent seat because of comfortable sleep even though it costs few more.  I booked an independent seat which can extend my feet in my seat.

Recently long distance or night express buses in Japan are available in various types. Especially bus in luxury class is popular. It is like a business class of an airplane with fewer seats. It is equipped with wi-fi, socket, blanket, pillow and so on. Of course not only so are Shinkansen and airplanes good, but sometimes you can save hotel costs, and overnight buses are popular recently. The price also depends on the destination, but it is often affordable compared to that of the Shinkansen or airplane.

At that time, The bus left at 19:30 at Shinjuku, and arrived at Izumo around 8:30 the next morning. It took about 12 hours. It was about 10,000 yen one way at that time. The bus I took was nearly full because I traveled on a Japanese holiday. There was a blanket and slippers. There was also a bathroom on the bus. Two drivers worked on the bus and the drivers were changed every two or three hours at a service parking. And the bus stopped by about 15 – 30 minutes. I felt it was safe and comfortable and the bus arrived on time.

For your reference, if you go there by plane, It takes about one and half an hour from Tokyo, Haneda Airport to Izumo Airport.

The next day the bus arrived in front of Izumo Station almost at 8:30 on time. Today I’m going to the Iwami Ginzan, one of the main purposes of the trip.

“World Heritage Site Iwami Ginzan (Silver Mine)”

Iwami Ginzan is a silver mine in Shimane prefecture. It was designated as a World Heritage Site in 2007 as the first mine site in Asia. It was discovered by Mr. Kamiya Juyui who lived in Kyushu district in 1526 and has been a silver mining site for about 400 years until 1923.

I took a train from Izumo City Station to Ota City Station. It was about 30 minutes by express, about 50 minutes locally. The bus runs from Ota-shi station to the Iwami Ginzan World Heritage Center facility. It takes about 20 minutes. From Ota-city, and tourists have to get to the World Heritage Area by a sightseeing bus. Because vehicles are regulated into the world heritage area. People who came by car parks their vehicle here and go to the area by bus.

Next time I am writing sightseeing spots of Iwami Ginzan.